St Augustine’s Care Home, Addlestone


Sister Isabel works at St Augustine’s Care Home in Addlestone. When Mother Teresa set up her first Missionaries of Charity home in Southall, London, she needed an altar and tabernacle for the small chapel. The Care Home kindly donated these items to Mother Teresa, who then came to visit the Sisters there to say thank you.

She came because she was very grateful that we gave her a very nice altar and a very nice tabernacle, and she just came to say thank you and to meet us…  We had a little chat there together, the whole community.

It was a very nice kind of conversation, very normal.  She did say that she found the work for the mentally ill very challenging and she was admiring the work that we do, and we were admiring the wonderful work she was doing.

The Addlestone Co-Workers of Mother Teresa were involved in voluntary work at St Augustine’s:

They used to come every Thursday to do voluntary work with the residents I remember they used to do bandages and a lot of other things to send to Calcutta, so they did a lot of things here for many years the group of the Co-Workers. And at the end the president of the Co-Workers actually died in this house.

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