Sister Mary Andrew

Sister Mary Andrew at The Towers
Sister Mary Andrew at The Towers

I must have taken about eleven girls to the youth event at Guildford Cathedral. When we got there it was absolutely packed with young people- it was at bursting point. And she simply sat there, in the sanctuary, or the chancel as they called it, and related her story. She was a Loreto nun, and she’d gone, as far as I remember, to a conference in Calcutta, and had seen the absolute destitution of some people in Calcutta.

And now, I couldn’t swear to this, but I think she said on her way home she heard someone calling for help. And that was the beginning really. I think it was I who said, when the question time came round – what do you think would have happened if you hadn’t gone back and helped that person? And she said – I don’t think I would be where I am now, that was the beginning of it. So it was that particular moment on her way back from a conference in Calcutta when someone called out for help, and it was a question of – shall I pretend I didn’t hear, you know, what we do, or should I go back and help? And she went back and helped and from that moment her life was changed.

She obviously went back to her convent, and then obviously this was haunting her and she couldn’t leave it alone, and she had to go back and do something to help the people of Calcutta, and the people of India really, and then the people of all over the world.

It’s hard to tell what her impact was on the children who were listening. But they certainly were desirous of doing something to help her. And that’s what her life has been. To get other people to spend themselves as she did, in the love of Christ, and spreading it, and working to ameliorate the miseries of others – as so many have followed her and do that.

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