1970 – Rosslyn House Finishing School, Weybridge

Mother Teresa visited Rosslyn House in Weybridge – a finishing school run by nuns – for a party attended by many Surrey Co-Workers and their children.

Susie Kerr experienced Mother Teresa’s work in the Shishu Bhavan home for abandoned babies. This was through her mother (Fey Bone), who became actively involved with Mother Teresa’s work when living in Calcutta. Later, Fey became chairman for the Surrey Co-Worker and set up ‘Teresa’s Boutique’, a charity shop in Cobham.

My father used to drive Mother Teresa around when she was in Surrey and they went to a finishing school in Surrey. Oof course it was all quite pucker. Mother Teresa came to visit for lunch and of course they sit down for lunch and the first course is soup and bread, so this is what Mother Teresa is used to eating – and that would be it. She sits down, she says grace, she breaks her bread into her soup, she has her soup and that’s it. But then along comes another course… She’s sitting next to my mother – my mother was as tiny as she was – she kept going ‘Fey, I really can’t eat this!’ and kept putting her food onto my mother’s plate because she really couldn’t eat any more.

Heather Bamberger was part of one of the very first Co-Worker groups in Surrey and first met Mother Teresa when she visited.


It was a finishing school that was so grand, it was unbelievable. We were mortified with the food that was there, mortified. We couldn’t believe that they could present that much. And Mother Teresa said Don’t worry! God has seen what’s been served to you – enjoy it!